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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My mission statement is to help new voices achieve publication. To do that, I've created the one-stop-shop for authors that can make it happen.

Getting published is getting more and more complicated. It's also getting more competitive, and that's why it's critical that you (or someone on your team) understands all parts of the business. I can help you do that --
1) through my free newsletter for writers (sign up at
2) through online classes aimed at those aspects you need help with
3) through consults or critiques that tell you if your work is ready for publication or, if not, what it needs
4) and finally, once you have a publishable manuscript, we can turn it into a published book and do the promoting and marketing on it.

You choose the help you need. We provide it. Check us out at
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Patrika Vaughn