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Thursday, October 1, 2009

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Publisher Adds Ghostwriting Services

Publishing success today depends on a sophisticated meshing of writing skills, publishing know-how, and an awareness of today’s marketing realities – a combination few self-publishing authors possess. "The success of our book packaging has led to the expansion of our arsenal of book and manuscript development services for self-publishing authors," announces Patrika Vaughn, CEO of A Cappela Publishing.

Ghostwriting is finding a new niche in the growing self-publishing market . For self-publishing authors, ghostwriting can fulfill the role of acquisition editor, content developer and partner. Unlike traditional publishing, the self-publishing author will remain in the driver’s seat through the process with the ghostwriter working to develop direction, based on the best interest of the author.

Ghostwriting functions as a collaborative effort between the self-publishing author and an experienced professional ghostwriter. Ghostwriting services run the gamut from preliminary conceptualization to complete manuscript composition, to helping overcome writer’s block and putting the finishing touches on a nearly finished manuscript.
A Cappela’s ghostwriting services begin with the signing of the publishing contract, following an initial consultation between the author and ghostwriter to determine the project’s direction, timeframe and scope. Final cost estimation of ghostwriting services follow.

"Ghostwriting is just one of our initiatives to help authors become as successful as possible," says Vaughn. "Whether the book is a memoir or one that proves expertise in your profession, it needs the services of a publishing group that knows its way around today’s publishing realities.".
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