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Monday, November 30, 2009


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Thursday, November 5, 2009

What We Can Do For You

I know from experience that it is not easy to write a book and even harder to get published.

I also know that once you’ve achieved publication, it gets easier and easier to get published again.

This happens for two reasons:
First, you will have honed your skills and be writing up to publishable standards by the time this happens..

Second, agents and editors recognize your skill through your published credits.

So the big questions are, how can you know when you’ve arrived at a publishable level, and how do you then determine the best publishing route for your works?

A critique of your work by a knowledgeable professional in publishing will answer your questions. A good critique will tell you if your work is up to publishable standards, and will even inform you about the size of the market for your work -which will, in turn, point you to either a large publishing company, a midsize to small niche publisher, or self-publishing. This information will save you immeasurable time, expense and heartache. It will help you avoid pointless submissions and the pain and discouragement of rejection letters.

We at A Cappela Publishing aim at helping you over all these hurdles - through books, CDs and classes to hone your skills; through professional critiques, and through book packaging (designing, printing and marketing of your work)----------------------------Where are you in your efforts to get published? Check out our website ( and learn more about how we can help.

Want To Be A Published Author?

Writing well enough to get published is a skill, an art – something that requires perseverance hard work. Saying that everyone is good enough is like saying that everyone can compete in the Olympics. Those that get published have reached a skill level that is derived from taking classes; many many hours of writing and then submitting their writings to a qualified person for a critique. This doesn’t mean that those friendly folks in your writing group are qualified
A qualified person will be someone within the publishing industry who understands what editors (and ultimately readers) are looking for. This someone will understand the current tastes of the market as well as the size of the market for your particular offering.

Getting such a critique can inform you of your chances of being accepted by a publishing house and whether your best bet is one of the larger houses or a midsize to small house. A qualified assessor of your works can also tell you if your material is good but only for a niche market - in which case your best option is to self-publish.

In today’s publishing world, self-publishing is no longer the same as vanity publishing, which ignores quality of writing in favor of getting your work out there, between the covers of a printed book . And it makes sense, since publishing houses now expect authors to provide much of the marketing for their books. Self-publishers also have the advantage of being able to keep 80% of their books’ profits, as opposed to the typical 10% advance on royalties of the first printing offered by publishing houses. There are many roads to being a published author, and it makes good sense to get an expert opinion on your work to move you in the right direction with your works.

Our goal at A Cappela Publishing is to help authors achieve successful publication. We can work with you at any stage of the writing process to steer you in the right direction. Get in touch.