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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Now is the time, writers!

This is the time to be thinking long term for publicity that will fit in with holiday themes. Most monthly magazines work four to six months or more out so if your title has an angle that fits with Thanksgiving or Christmas, now is the right time to send out your queries

Getting booked to talk about your book on TV doesn't have to be as difficult as some authors make it. Here are some tips for becoming a guest:
1) Be Timely. Study the news and if your book ties in with any of it, send out your proposal/query.
2) Choose the right show. Watch the show;do they interview authors? Feature books? Don't pick up the phone or send a news release to the producer until you know.
3) Be charming and brief. Producers are busy. Don't waste their time.
4) Write a headline for your news releases that reads like a newspaper headline. then give the who-what-where-when.
5) Wait for a slow news day. The holidays are the slowest news times of year, when reporters are scrambling to find something to cover. Pitch even an average story on a day when the media is starving for news and you're much more likely to get coverage.Get more information at

WRITING TIP The best way to write effectively, regardless of your purpose, is to write economically. Every word that doesn't suit your purpose must go away. For me, that translates into a savings of between 16,000 and 20,000 words between the first and second drafts of a novel. Every time you use a big word and a smaller word will do, you're better off with the smaller word. Simpler is better.